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About Mentortorials

Mentorography + Editorial/Advertorial = Mentortorial

Creating your legacy and socially-responsible venture is a challenging under-taking. To be successful you will need to be able to identify a variety of service providers for help with making important milestones happen. These service providers, to name a few category examples, could include:

Website Design Agencies Law Firms Accounting Firms
Insurance Providers PR Agencies Advertising Agencies
Marketing Firms Printing Services Banking Services
Venture Capitalists Angel Investors Investment Bankers
Payroll Services Executive Recruiters Placement Services

To help you have a better understanding of a potential vendor who you might consider retaining for the services you need we are going to also be providing Mentorographies with a twist. The twist is that service providers who cater toward helping socially-responsible ventures thrive can purchase a Mentorography. In order to qualify to be featured in this manner the service provider must have a demonstrated track record in helping socially-responsible companies. Since these Mentorographies are paid for editorial type formats these Mentorographies are called Mentotorials in the same way that paid for advertisements in newspapers that resemble editorials are called advertorials.

Mentortorials are distinguished from Mentorographies by having the word [Mentortorial] set off in brackets immediately following the name, title and company of the person featured. A distinguishing characteristic of a Mentortorial from an advertorial is that anyone can comment on posted Mentortorials including providing testimonials about the person featured in the Mentortorial because of the audio blog format featured on Mentorography.com.

Please direct questions and/or interest in purchasing Mentortorials to: