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Purchase a Copy of Entrepreneurial Marketing: Real Stories and Survival Strategies

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By “hrh uk princess” (San Diego, CA United States)
This text is the next best thing to having the entrepreneurs in the office or classroom with you. Written in an engrossing biographical format with the inclusion of relevant marketing concepts to endorse the entrepreneurs’ successful methods, “Entrepreneurial Marketing: Real Stories and Survival Strategies” is a must read for any “brave soul” about to take the plunge in starting-up their own venture.

The book offers great advice on everything from raising finance to marketing, sales and distribution. Just as essential are the qualified tips on an entrepreneur’s do’s and don’ts, plus `voice of experience’ checkpoints on when to forge ahead with a venture and when to call it quits. You will find this book a trusty companion along the high and low roads to entrepreneurship.

Students will benefit enormously from the “real world” application of the marketing theory. I was privileged to be a student of Molly Lavik as she pioneered the mentorography approach to teaching. This unique method was one of the most useful and memorable learning experiences of my MBA education.

A Handbook For Getting An Edge
By A Customer
As a senior marketing manager in a Fortune 100 technology company, I’m always on the lookout for marketing information I can immediately put to use. This book has clearly been designed for the marketing practitioner. The unique combination of advanced yet easy to implement marketing practices coupled with powerful insights from some of today’s true marketing greats makes for a usable, fun and motivational read.

Well done with practical real-life examples…
By A Customer
Written with enthusiasm & great insight, “Entrepreneurial Marketing: Real Stories and Survival Strategies” would be a helpful text for any Entrepreneurial-based marketing/business course. Encouraging and inspiring real-life cases of success from some of the best know entrepreneurs in the business world, with a good mix of advice and practical applications… Buskirk & Lavik have done their homework! A strong effort; I recommend this book.

A Great Book To Keep In The Office
By A Customer
I found Entrepreneurial Marketing extremely insightful, well written and enjoyable to read. The book not only explores the backgrounds of some of today’s most notable entrepreneurs, but also serve as a great motivator for people who want to start their own business. As the Managing Director of a Beverly Hills management consulting practice, this book will be a must read for our clients.

Bring Real-World Education into the Classroom
By A Customer
This is an ideal text for bringing the real business world into the classroom. It gives a valuable and concise road map for success when starting a new venture or when expanding an existing one.

The book is well written, organized and very useful as it chronicles 8 founders from a variety of companies.

From a retired teacher.